Dirtsack - R i d e r s a y

Often enough we wish we could travel with one of of our Dirtsacks... tucked into a pocket of the Longranger Pro or the Forester maybe? ... Endless adventures over high mountains and chilling deserts... with Riders who have an eye for detail and Quality... with riders who chose Dirtsack!

Rommel Portrait

Rommel Albuquerque - Automotive Photojournalist with one of India’s most popular Motorcycle Mag. RE Thunderbird / Assorted Bikes

I've been using Dirtsack saddle bags ever since they came out and they've made my weekly journeys a lot easier. The Speedbags are especially good for my weekend trips and the Longrangers are just right for my trips to Goa. Team them up with a tail pack and you've got tremendous amounts of space to go touring for days on end. The quality of the bags are good, very rugged and easy to use."

Ronny Sequeira / Harley Rider / Ace Photographer / Harley Davidson Streetbob

When you have a company run by two very passionate, creative and hard working guys, all products that they create are going to be FANTASTIC!! Both JD and Mandar are riders who are hugely passionate about what they do; Mandar being technically qualified ( he is an aeronautical engineer) and JD being the creative partner ( he is the main chef at Indigo). 

All their products right from their saddlebags to their latest Motent have been used extensively by me and lot of the Harley community in India.

The bag that I use is the Long Ranger Easy rider. Its one of the coolest looking saddlebags available in India today and has done duty over lots of rides to Goa, Hampi, Nasik etc.

Another advantage with Dirtsack is that if there is a technical problem they sort it out-no questions asked! Thats customer service for you on par with the best in the world.


Ruman Devmane / Features writer with India's Oldest Auto Mag / Expert Rider & Reviewer / RE Bullets / Assorted Bikes

I've been using my Dirtsack Speedbag for the KTM Duke for a year now. It's been a year with all kinds of weather, much abuse, and yet, the Dirtsack saddlebags just never give up. In fact, my KTM Duke is long gone and the bag fits perfectly on most other motorcycles I ride - from 150cc Hondas to Royal Enfields. I use the saddlebags through the week to lug around office stuff and I'm so hooked, I even use it as a holiday bag - any piece of luggage that's orange with 3M reflective stripes is easy to spot in airport carousels. The rain covers that came along with it are an additional bonus! Overall, the fit and finish is excellent and most importantly, it's absolutely value for money. Last but not the least, the Dirtsack team is enthusiastic about motorcycles and riding, so that filters through to their productis. Hoping for lots more cool gear! Keep it up


Monish Thakoor / Harley Rider / Cross country tourer / Harley Davidson Fatboy / RE Desert Storm

I've been using Dirtsack bags for over 2 years now and over many thousands of kms. The quality - in material used and build, is comparable to some of the best bags sold internationally - and I've used some - Saddlemen.. TBags.. JoeRocket etc..

The Longranger Pro sits just great on both my Harley Fatboy and RE Desert Storm. Picked up another bag recently - for the Desert Storm - The Longranger Hawk - in a millitary camo print... same quality but this one's a soulmate for the RE Storm.. just too cool! Good going Dirtsack!

Freddy Pithavala / Harley Rider / Motorcycle enthusiast / Harley Davidson Night Rod / KTM Duke

Dirt Sack....
One of the unique selling point of the brand is they are constantly innovating and LISTENING to customer feedback and improving their product design and quality. Have used their products on my Harley and my KTM ...and cannot find any scope of complain. The Saddle Bags on the KTM held out magnificently through my entire Journey through the Ladakh  region.

Chetan Patel / Long distance rider / Motorcycle enthusiast / RE Bullet Classic 350

Rock solid product - The Dirtsacks!

I use the entire Dirtsack kit on my Classic 350, the tank bag or the tail bag for shorter rides... The Dirtsack Longranger Saddlebags, the most! They've seen me through some treacherous terrain in the Himalayan mountainscape and one especially memorable and long Ladakh trip in Aug 2012.  The bags are built to last and have been my constant companions on all rides over all kinds of terrain in the last few years. Easy to pack and mount on the bike. Super balance and overall very tough and durable! They're unlike any bags sold in India. 

Vijay 'Bobby' Dewan, Harley Rider / Media Professional / Harley Davidson Iron 883 'Freedom'

'A biker thumb rule before a ride is don't fix something that ain't broken:) and for me to get onto my ride and go as far as my dreams( and wife) permit is based on all the gear(incl. precious alcohol) i can carry. The DirtSack i picked up has stood by me solidly for 3 amazing rides done covering close to 6000kms getting my stuff dry through monsoons & sunshine. I' ve ridden to Hampi in Karnataka, Goa & Kahna National Park in MP and have been happy to ride through the elements to get into dry clothes at the end of a mad ride. When it comes to long rides, DirtSack is a 'fix' on my Harley.'