Dirtsack – Wash & Care

Your Dirtsack Bag is constructed of some of the toughest material and components money can buy. Having said that, a little care and pampering will not hurt! Rather will go a long way in keeping your bag fighting fit, ride after memorable ride…

Wash & Care Basics...

  • Use a sponge, warm water and a mild detergent to hand wash the exterior of your bag. This should get the ride grime and slush off the bag.
  • Repeat the process a second time with warm water only, this will not only clean the fabric of any residual mud or grime but will also wash the detergent off.
  • Drip dry in shade till completely dry, then stow away wrapped in a large plastic bag. Any residual moisture on the fabric, if not dried completely, will attract fungal growth and mildew and may cause irreversible damage to the fabric.
  • Do not fold your bag or stuff it into a smaller bag to ease storage. The fabric and the waterproof coating could crack if folded and stored for a prolonged length of time.
  • For stubborn stains from road tar or grease – gently scrape any remnant tar or grime patches off the fabric. Scrub gently with a soft brush and mild detergent. Dry the bag as mentioned above.
  • Dry cleaning is not recommended as Dry Cleaning Chemicals weaken the fabric and void warranty.
  • Machine wash is again not recommended. Chances of waterproof coatings on fabric getting washed away or damaged, exists and in cases will void warranty.
  • Machine Drying is a STRICT NO NO period! Your Dirtsack fabrics are highly sensitive to high heat (not from sunlight… but definitely from artificial heat sources like dryers)The fabric may lose shape, shrink or warp if machine dried… and yes will definitely void warranty.
  • The use of bleaches and petroleum based cleaners is not recommended. These cause irreversible, though often not apparent, damage to fabric and void warranty.
  • Please do not use a hair dryer or iron on your bag… Never.. Ever..! That pretty much covers it all... still not clear? Call for more elaborate instructions..