Which Dirtsack do I need?

Your choice of gear would depend on the kind of riding you do, the bike you ride and the stuff you need to carry. You may refer the Dirtsack Compatibility list at the bottom of this page to find out which of our battle ready bags will fit your warhorse the best.

Dirtsack has options for every kind of bike , from lean and mean sports bikes to heavy cruisers. All bags either come with or are compatible with rain covers for all weather use.  

Tank Bags:For day rides , you may choose from our range of magnetic or non magnetic expandable tank bags to let you carry your essentials without the discomfort or the hassle of a backpack. 

Saddle bags:For your weekend sojourns , you may choose from a wide variety of heavy duty  saddle bags from the retro looking canvas and leather Longranger Easyrider  to the uber cool contoured Speedbags(for KTM and other sportsbikes) or you may carry your world effortlessly in the classic Longranger Pro or the Longranger Neo . For a super tactical look strap on our Longranger Hawk and watch heads turn as you glide by.

Tail Bags :Planning an expedition or an interstate mayhem?  boost your hauling capacity with a tail bag , you may choose from the Overniter Neo, the Tailpack or the Tailpack -Pro , each of these bags is designed to integrate seamlessly with your bike and other Dirtsack gear and gives you the flexibility of carrying your essentials in a modular system that can configure itself to your riding needs at any time.

Dry Bags :For the untiring bikers who are out on the roads un-deterred by rain , sleet or snow, Dirtsack offers the Geardry range of shower proof, seam sealed drybags. Pack your stuff in one of these for complete peace of mind during your monsoon excursions, high altitude river crossings and what not. Not only do these keep your clothes dry, they also help you stay better organized on your trip. Color coded for easy identification , they can sit comfortably inside your tank bags , saddle bags or tail bags and will ensure that you have a clean dry pair of clothes to change into when you hit that campsite in the middle of nowhere.

How do I pack my Dirtsack?

Like all touring bikers, you need to pack sensibly and prudently. All Dirtsack bags are internally lined with plush water resistant and tear resistant lining, however continued abrasion by sharp pointed objects can and will cause damage. If you are carrying items like tent poles and camera tripods inside your bags , make sure that you tie a wad of paper around the pointed ends. Use veteran biker tricks like carrying your tools safely in a tool roll or a combi pack like the Dirtsack Toolpack. Use bits of fuel tubing to slip over the tips of your screw drivers  or sections of bicycle tube with rubber bands to make sheaths for your spanners and pliers.

The Top loading saddle bags can be packed vertically with ease, front opening bags , even more so by just laying them out flat and filling them like you would a suitcase. Use color coded Geardry dry bags to organize and protect your stuff.

Remember to pack the heaviest items at the bottom of the bags and the lighter , more frequently used stuff   towards the top. 

How do I care for my Dirtsack?

Dirtsack bags are made of the best materials that money can buy, however a little TLC can go a long way in keeping your bags looking and working  as good as new. Brush off the ride dirt once fully dry, use a piece of cloth soaked in soap water to get rid of any stubborn stains. Do not soak, machine wash or bleach your bags. Lubricate the zippers once in a while with some petroleum jelly and wipe off the excess.

DO NOT over load or OVER Stuff your Dirtsack. Pack sensibly! Use the external attach points on the bags to bungee on your sleeping bags and water canisters and save on internal space.

While on a ride, check for proper attachment of the bags to the bike during your chai /biscuit stop.

For detailed Dos and Do Nots on Bag Care please refer to the Wash n Care section under FAQs

I have still not received the bags I ordered, what do I do?

At Dirtsack , we trust only the most reputed courier companies with our deliveries. We know how important it is for you to get your bags in time for that much anticipated and planned ride. As soon as we ship your order we send you a mail containing the forwarding details such as the Name of the courier company, the tracking number and the URL of the website where you can interactively track the progress of your delivery. You can always contact us info@dirtsack.in with your queries, and we shall be delighted to assist.

It is imperative that you understand that once the goods leave our warehouse and are checked in with the courier company, we cannot assume any responsibility or liability towards the time taken for the goods to reach you.

All shipping is via surface transport. If you have any reason to believe that your delivery address might not be serviced by all courier companies or if you live in regions/territories that require specific shipping permits / papers, please check with us at info@dirtsack.in before you place your order. We shall get back to you with solutions asap. 

We do not make money out of shipping, the amount we charge you for packaging and shipping is exactly what we spend. 

In the worst case if goods cannot be delivered to you due to unavoidable circumstances and are returned to us , we shall in consultation and agreement with you, offer to resend the goods or offer a refund after deducting fixed expenses on a case to case basis. 

I need a copy of my invoice, what do I do?

At Dirtsack , we maintain full records of all sales carried out directly by us, so if you need a copy of your bill, just write to us with your name and approximate date of purchase at imfo@dirtsack.in Please mention your name in the subject of your mail.

If you have purchased your gear through a dealer, visit our “dealers” page to get their contact information.   

My bag needs repairs / modifications, what do I do?

Our bags are covered under a limited Lifetime Warranty, against defects in workmanship and material. However  in the course of use , we do understand that you may encounter problems like torn fabric  (parked too close to the barb wire at the LOC !!) , burnt buckles (oh ! was that the exhaust ??)  , punctured linings (blame that lonely screw driver that likes to sneak out of your tool roll), that are not covered under warranty.

 Also if you have certain peculiar requirements like extra belt loops for your parasailing gear, or secure mountings for your scuba tanks, just write to us at info@dirtsack.in , send us pictures or scribbles of what you are talking about and we shall get cracking on it immediately. We could on case to case basis, A - send you a kit comprising similar material and fittings as a kit that you could get stitched on by your nearest bag repair shop, B - ask you to send your bags over to our manufacturing facility at Mumbai to incorporate the necessary repairs/ changes, or C - suggest remedies that you could implement locally. In any case we shall charge you the minimum possible amount for our services and exact actuals for freight / courier if required.

Will my wife let me ride more often if I buy Dirtsack bags?

Well, we are sure she will! In fact she might actually want to come along as pillion…..now that you suddenly have so much of extra storage space for her stuff and her shopping. No need to lug along a back breaking haversack anymore! So go on take a ride, the two of you……go get fresh strawberries from Mahabaleshwar and sneak in a few litres of Feni from the land of the idle sunsets, while you’re at it. 

Will I be able to ride harder, faster and meaner than before if I buy Dirtsack Bags?

Nope, but you will surely look like you can. BTW, what have you been smoking???