WaterProof Solutions

No matter what people say, rains are nothing less than the best season for long motorcycle trips. Mother earth draped in myriad shades of green, sun trying it's might against the mighty rain clouds and the tarmac freshly washed and prepped for your Majesty's steed.

Riding in the rain isn't for everybody to enjoy though. It is the domain of the selected few who know how to prep and pack themselves and their equipment.

Enter GEARDRY, Dirtsack's offers a wide range of smart waterproof motorcycle luggage covers that have been tested under the mighty Indian monsoon rains, through the high passes of the Himalayas and the relentless downpours of the western ghats. We are not talking about the regular "waterproof luggage covers " that was peddled out by every school bag shop, we are talking serious "fill em, lock em, submerge em" waterproof motorcycle luggage covers.

These are very simple designs made out of really tough materials. The beauty of these lies in their simplicity.

These bags made in three smartly chosen sizes are made out of weather n wear resistant PVC tarpaulin , precision cut and welded on special machines to be free of stitching and needle holes -- yes...a stitched bag cannot ever be called waterproof, even needle holes let the water through.

The GEARDRY system not only allows you to keep your stuff 100% dry but also allows you to pack sensibly, the GEARDRY bags can be packed and slipped into any other piece of luggage as an organiser. That's a great way of taking care of used and fresh clothes , spare boots, spare parts and tools, etc. You can choose the color and the size of the GEARDRY as you find fit and to help you organise better.

You will know your Investment has paid off when you slip into a fresh, dry set of clothes at the end of a crazy, rainy, ride day.