Utility Bags

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A place for everything and everything in its place.

The universal law of uncluttered existence ...so true and so easy to follow if you have the right equipment. On a ride, you enjoy an almost nomadic existence, you acquire only what you can carry and you carry only what you need. It is very important then that all your hard work and planning pays off and you have the right stuff by your hand when you need it without any fuss.

At Dirtsack we experienced an acute need for certain specialized types of bags to serve specific roles through our rides and further thought pushed us to design some unique items of luggage.

In the Utility bags section we offer the very popular Ranger thigh bag , the DG2 tactical sling bag and the DG3 throw over utility vest.

The Ranger offers a slim, smart , side slung solution for carrying everyday items like cash / cards , wallets, phones and tablets , electronics and small cameras in addition to documents and other sundry items. The waist strap adjusts to sizes from 26 to 48 and the additional fully adjustable/ removable thigh strap provides security and stability. The bag maintains a slim profile but packs a big punch with its appetite for odd things that it can swallow and hold. It has been our most popular bag till date and we love it as much as our riders do.

The DG2 is a voluminous side slung bag that is large enough to swallow a full sized camera and a couple if water bottles and other knick knacks. The Bag is designed not only to be ergonomic in terms of ease of access but also in terms of ease of carriage. The unique combi strap allows use as a across the shoulder slung bag or as a waist mounted side bag. Theres a zippered document pouch and a top mounted sunglasses compartment. There you go....the perfect solution for a day ride with room to spare.

The DG3 is the motorcyclist's take on the military commando jacket. The DG3 is a one size fits all utility vest that is designed to add functionality and carrying capability to your regular motorcycle jacket. Most reputed riding jackets have bare minimum pockets and storage capabilities. The DG3 when worn over the jacket , transforms your riding gear into a multipocket storage demon with four zippered pockets, two document pockets and a friggin backpack !! Add to this a cavity for a two litre water bladder, reflectives and a lot of straps to latch on other accessories and club badges. The rear backpack can contain a weekends worth of personal effects and the pockets on the front are good for small cameras, battery packs, phones and wallets with space left over for much much more. With so many individual compartments at your disposal, you can decide what to carry and where.

The DG3 is a good companion for trekkers and photographers too.