Tank Bags

A tank bag is a city rider's best friend. However when on a tour, A tank bag will allow you to carry stuff that you are likely to require most often on the ride, like Camera, Phones, Money, water, gloves and other sundry items. Using a tank bag let's you keep the more frequently accessed stuff available in a jiffy while the heavier stuff stays packed away in your other luggage.

A tank bag for royal enfield harley davidson, & other motorcycles can be of two types, the first type Strap mounted and the other type uses strong magnets or suction cups or other such methods of attachment. The strap mounted bags are the most reliable and are the choice of professional racers and riders worldwide. Magnetic or suction cup mounted bags have limited stability when using magnets or suction cups alone, however these mounting systems can be a blessing when on short errands when you need to take the bags off very frequently.

All Dirtsack tank bags including the magnetic ones have removable strap mounts that can easily be stowed away when not required in the city and strapped on while on a long ride. Do remember not to carry sensitive electronic equipment in the map pocket of the bag in hot sunshine as the trapped heat might not be too healthy for your devices. However, we offers best deals on magnetic tank bags for royal enfield, harley davidson, & other motorcycles.