Tail Bags

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Tailbags are the most under-rated of all motorcycle luggage systems. A motorcycle tail bag has the distinct advantage of being a piece of specialized equipment most closely related in terms of size, function and utility to regular non- motorcycle luggage. A good motorcycle tailbag can fit effortlessly into a solo ride plan and could practically also be the only luggage you carry. It has a combination of features that make it very versatile and utilitarian.

Strap on mounting, uncluttered large interior space, well laid out external pockets, water/ fuel bottle stowage, easy carriage while off the bike, rain proofing with supplied rain cover, a close to conventional duffel shape that lets you blend in and the best of it all, the super practical price point.

A well designed tail bag for sport bikes will give you all of the above while giving you a smooth carefree ride and the "I'm - not - here " form factor makes sure the bag stays out of touch but secure.

You would want a tail bag as your first piece of kit for long distance rides. A tail bag will be all that you need if you are riding solo or are riding a big bike with a big rear carrier rack. Dirtsack Tailbags offer a four point strapping mount that ensures a secure fit on almost all types of motorcycles from light off roaders to heavy cruisers. The strapping technique is easy to learn and after a couple of tries, you should be able to mount your gear and secure it in less than a minute.