Gypsy....the name invokes the sight of endless fertile plains , colorful fluttering flags and a distant sound of joyful music carried by the wind.

Gypsy, the hybrid tailbag from Dirtsack, is however, not really close to any of these. It is "the" one bag you need. It was born out of endless Interactions with fellow bikers at locations as varied as Tibetan monasteries and the crowded teashops at Benares. Saddlebags are great but can't take my sleeping mat.....Tailbags are good but I still need saddlebags to haul my stuff.....I got all the gear I need but it's a pain getting the saddles and the tailbag into the tent one by one at the end of a long ride you guessed it right; the Gypsy, hybrid tail bag gives you the best of two worlds in a sexy , no nonsense package.

The Gypsy has the large continuous unpartitioned volume of a large tail bag and a size sensitive, ergonomic, gravity friendly demeanor of a set of saddlebags.

The bag is distinctive because of this tunnel shaped bottom panel that just fits tight over your rear seat and t he bag itself is secured into place with four solid strap mounts that have variable attachment points to fit different types of motorcycles.

The bag comes preequipped with lie flat bottle holders, 4 zippered external pockets and a stiffened main compartment with a large zippered top opening. The use of special wear resistant materials along the base and sides of the bag adds to the longevity and the beauty of this bag, whole the included rain cover affords precious protection from the elements.