DIrtsack - We have come a long way


Its been a long time since the last post again , but I guess this time the break was a little justified. We have been busy reorganising the works; our world has changed a bit over the last few months and changed for the better.

Here are the highlights...

We have had a complete overhaul of our processes and facilities, we have moved on to a bigger space with better connectivity and room for a tonne of innovative ideas to take shape.

We have set up our very owm materials testing lab and stress testing facility to carry out inhouse qualitative tests on all our raw materials and products.

We have tied up with a specialised automotive market research agency to get scientific inputs about consumer demands and concerns. This agency has been working closely with us in the field of product development and testing.

We have tied up with resellers across India and Bhutan to make our products available off the shelf at a lot of geographical locations. (Nothing beats the touch & feel way of selling things, especially with a crowd as discerning as our customers)

With an array of new specialised machines , all our products are now stronger , tougher and look better than ever.

With a specialised R & D team in place , we have created a line of new products that are currently in various stages of testing and we hope that will be out before the start of the monsoon riding season.

Well , sounds like a handful but sure felt like a lifetime of back breaking work , moving and shifting men , materials and boxes and racks and machines and spools and rolls and computers and printers and .....whew....makes me tired just writing about it.

Moral of the story : We are now bigger , better , stronger and with your suggestions , feedback and support , we intend to give our riding community more ways to pack their stuff and go, leaving their worries behind.

Ride Safe





"you cant have such a big time gap between posts"  people say and i guess they are right. If you are blogging with the intention to promote or sell something , you should ensure that your readers get a  wacko blog post happening more frequently than they get invites to squash candy and jelly beans on their cellphone screens.

We set up this page on the site just so that people could know that there is something going on and that Team Dirtsack  , when it;s not riding into some high altitude sunset , is actually designing  , testing , redesigning and retesting the next generation of motorcycle wares , preparing for the next round of close quarters interaction with fellow bikers ( some of them "cusrtomers"). Getting ready to blush when complimented , be receptive when criticised and to remain standing after a crate of beer.

Dirtsack will be around at Royal Enfield Rider Mania - Vagator and we shall look forward to seeing those of you who prefer to announce their arrival with a thump.

Just like last year , this time too we intend to launch two new revolutionary products , the details of which we shall share over the next month. These products had been , initially at the back of our minds , then at the back of our cars for some time , but when Team Dirtsack decided to do a little himalayan stint last month, the drafters and the drawing boards came alive amidst the clatter of sewing machines and things started taking shape. Ladakh was going to be the trial ground for this new concept. With the finals  complete just hours before the departure window, there commenced one of the most documented product trial runs ever in the history of Dirtsack and also one that was absolutely glitch free. 

Pictures and specifications have been trickle fed into social media over the last few days and more information will soon follow. We shall be glad to show you the stuff in person though , so lets meet up in Goa , this November.





The monsoons have been here for a while and to any fair weather rider "that" has been the ultimate question. I am sure that a little H2O really cant dampen (read dilute) the high spirits of the modern biker, let alone modern bikes. As rain proof as we can get, riding in the rain has its own charm. Nothing beats the greenery of the ghats or the brilliant sparkle of fresh young waterfalls that race downhill like crazy. Nothing compares to a chai break huddled in a leaky thatched shack as the sky roars and pours from above. In fact, these are the only memories I have of some of the rides I have managed to notch on my post. I distinctly remember how our group of Yezdi and Jawa riders took shelter in a small roadside shack on the NH17 in 2004 as we battled the heaviest rain of that year trying to get our sore butts into Goa for a three city club meet. The rains lasted just a littlebit longer than it took us to empty out all the tea / milk/ biscuits and some bright coloured sweet chocolates? from that shop and the last thing we saw of the shop was the shutter coming down - in our rear view mirrors.

So guys , I think it is fun....all you need to do is boost up the immunity of your bike and yourself and ride...... accchooooo !!! who did that ??.....