People – Team Dirtsack

One cooks professionally,the other’s an aviation engineer – both design,cut fabric,sew templates and generally ensure the bags get made exactly the way they’re meant to be. The third’s a CA and keeps books and wallets in check and the fourth - again a techie,keeps stuff streamlined – be it designs or logistics!

All ride! Short rides,long rides,cross country,highways,ghats,off road,on road,no road,ams inducing passes and extreme deserts…and they ride with Dirtsack.The first prototypes of Dirtsacks came into being because of personal ride requirements….they’ve evolved over the years to better,refined designs,efficient functionality,extreme durability,reliability and safety…in material,components & build quality.We ride - so we know,that trust – in machines and equipment is critical on every ride. A Dirtsack will not let you down - in the icy terrain of Spiti or in the scorching Rann.That’s a promise!

Product – material / manufacturing / lifetime warranty  

Thanks very much for choosing to ride with Dirtsack.You had options,we’re aware;some way cheaper! So we’re thrilled to be your choice.Rest assured,every component that goes into making a Dirtsack is the best that money can buy.
Extremely tough ballistic fabric every strip of fabric used on a Dirtsack is selected from amongst some of the toughest fabrics in the world be it our 1200/900/840/600 denier ballistic ripstop nylon or polyester...every fabric is an industry benchmark tried,tested and trusted over extreme terrain and weather conditions!

Don’t be misled by ‘Denier’ stories…‘Denier refers to the weight of a fabric not its strength.’ – 'Wikipedia',so 1680,1800 or 2000 denier means essentially a heavier fabric not necessarily stronger!

3M Scotchlite Reflectives considered to be #1 by the safety & security industry worldwide,we use genuine 3M Scotchlite Reflective trims on all our bags certified by ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 and CAN/CSA Z96-09,3M Scotchlite  has an extremely high retroreflective  performance of 500 cd lux.Your safety while riding is our primary concern ride with Genuine 3M Scotchlite! cheap Chinese imports on most bags selling out there aren’t worth you!
Genuine YKK zippers & sliders  We at Dirtsack believe whole heartedly in YKK’s ‘Little Parts Big Difference’ ideology! YKK zippers and sliders are the best money can buy...and every Dirtsack,regardless of price,sports them! Ask for the Genuine ‘YKK’ Tag..Every Dirtsack package flaunts it!
Heavy Industrial Canvas / Genuine oiled leather / Solid brass on the Easyrider Series of retro saddle bags.Heavy Industrial strength Canvas from one of the oldest and largest Mills in India is what goes into the making of our very popular old school Easyrider..add genuine oiled leather straps and trims,solid brass buckles and old world hand stitches...and you have a bag you will want to flaunt on and off the bike.
Webbings - 100% Nylon automotive seat belt specs & quality  Aviation & automotive seat belts are made of the very same Webs / Straps stitched on Dirtsacks!They cost a hell of a lot more and we haven’t gone nuts..just that the quality and strength of these 100% nylon webbings are matchless!nothing sold locally compares...period!
Handcrafted precision on state of the art Japanese machines  Every Dirtsack is meticulously hand crafted,in small batches of 40 to 50 bags with painstaking eye for detail while the process requires skilled labour of the artisan kind,it ensures each bag that passes through our stringent quality checks has the Dirtsack quality in every stitch and seam.