Quick Tips for Buying Motorcycle Tank Bags

Author: Khushal Savit |

The most useful things often come in small packages; motorcycle tank bags are one of them. Though small in size they form the most important part of motorcycle luggage accessories. However, which one of them best fits your motorcycle?  Following are some tips designed to help make your purchase a right one.

Shape and size of your bike’s gas tank: The flatness or otherwise of your bike’s fuel tank will determine the base of your tank bag. Tank bags take the shape of your fuel tank and are a right fit for all. The sloped tank bags are needed for adventure bikes and cruisers whereas flat based bags will go for standard bikes and sport-tourers. The size of the tank bag will be determined by the purpose for which they are to be purchased.

Selection of material: The exterior portion of most of the tank bags is made of sturdy, water-proof nylon material though there are a few that are made of polyester which is thermoformed EVA laminated. The budget factor will determine your purchase here. Check for water proof zippers here.
Varied mounting options: Any of the available mounting options can be used for your motorcycle tank bags. The options available are magnetic tank bags, strap-mount tank bags or the clamp-on bags. When viewed from the point of safety and security of belongings the strap mount tank bags score over the magnetic bags. However, the magnetic tank bags offer ease of handling and convenience and are more suitable for short trips. 

Features: Most of the tank bags come with several features such as carry handles, rain covers, expansion zippers, scratch-resistance, quick release clips, cable ports and the like. You can check out to see if the tank bag has interior dividers, pockets on the inside and outside for better organizing, clear cut pouches for easy viewing of maps, shoulder straps, plausibility of adding a GPS receiver mount etc. 
Buying the right tank bag for Royal Enfield, or any other bike for that matter can sometimes be quite confusing. However, the above mentioned guidelines will help you to make an informed choice and ensure that your tank bag provides all that you need from it.