A Passion for Bike Ride

Author: Khushal Savit |

The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep...These famous Robert Frost lines will probably find resonance with every bike rider in the world. There’s growing passion for bike rides in India, not just amongst the teenagers but even in the older, 40+ generation...and let me tell you, the passion is more than just skin deep. It is an addiction, most will agree; that simply won’t wear off... and why should it? The thrill of exploring new places, the adventure of finding new roads, tasting the salty sweat in the wind at high speed...the experience is simply out of the world.

Providing an impetus to the passion is the improvement in infrastructure, the availability of good world class bikes and the availability of great luggage options, which are finding favors with the bikers. Plus, the bike riders club is providing a major boost to the bike riders. Come weekend and bikers are ready with their tank bags to hit the road. Most riders say they clock in 300 to 600kms in a day. It gives them an adrenaline rush and improves their testosterone levels, so to speak!

Given that the bikers travel too often and in all weather conditions, they need luggage options that are sturdy, long lasting and can accommodate more in less space. Bikers often buy hard luggage considering that the luggage is exposed in the open and have to face harsh sunlight, rain and wind. When buying hard luggage, always buy the one that can be easily mounted on your bike. Tank bags remain one of the hot favorites of the bikers as it gives them an easy access to things they need the most- Wallet, camera, phone, torch, batteries, tools etc...

Often people buy tank bags with magnet. However, it is advised that the tank bags you buy must have both the options- detachable straps as well as magnets, so that it can come to good use even in daily traveling.

So, go guys go...unleash your passion of riding a bike!