Which Pannier is suitable for your bike

Author: Khushal Savit |

Pannier is a type of basket, bag, box or similar container attached to the sides of a bicycle or motorcycle. It is very much useful and helpful to the person who rides the vehicle. If you have a bike, you should buy a motorcycle pannier, which is generally a hard type box or container with lids.  Normally it's made with metal or hard plastic. Both types of pannier are there, it may be removable or fixed with your bike.

Pannier is a bag or container (fixed or removable) on your bike that can store all your stuff. It is normally mounted on the racks that are fixed onto the back of the bike frame. You can get different types of pannier in the market. They all are different by looks, features, sizes, materials, etc. Aluminum motorcycle panniers are waterproof. 

To make your bike a machine of utility, purpose and adventure, start using a pannier, just back on your bike, where you can carry all your stuff and utilities, whenever where ever you go, it will always help you. It's very hard in type so quite unbreakable easily. But at first you have to decide how much weight or things you want to carry in your journey. Here you are suggested to carry lightweight bags, or containers or panniers with you. Mostly, pannier with light weight but, with lots of organization pockets for laptops, tabs, change of clothes, and small bits and bobs are preferred for any type of travel. It is completely depend on you what type of bike rack or bike pannier you preferred to install. 

Different types of Pannier

1. There are lots of varieties in the material of the pannier. Sometimes it is made of a plastic or leather or metal. It can be made of aluminum or other metal. Aluminum motorcycle pannier is very tough and hard.

2. You can get different types of pannier for your bike in the market or can order online. You can order and get home delivered your bags or containers, if you book your plastic or metal pannier online. Buying online you can see, check and compare the difference between two pannier. Lots of options are there, even in price also.

3. Bike panniers can be waterproof and made from materials such as high denier cordura or waterproof, dry bag style PVC, with features like outer pockets, zipper, snaps and velcro closure s, necessity items are easily accessible.  It contains a tight fitting rain cover. You can order waterproof metal pannier online. 

4. There are different types of bike pannier on the basis of purpose. Like, bike touring pannier, bike commuting pannier, shopping pannier, etc. Most of the bike pannier designed with touring in mind. Bike touring pannier are mostly bigger in size but it is simplest design, ready for being stuffed with full of gear. For regular basis use or for smoother or trouble free experience, bike commuting pannier is the best solution. Even for shopping purpose, your bike pannier should be big in size, so that the pannier can hold the groceries. So, you should choose your pannier for your bike as per your requirement.