How Convenient It Is To Have Motorcycle Luggage

Author: Khushal Savit |

Long rides on your motorcycle would just not be possible if it were not for the varied options available in motorcycle luggage! Storage requirements for your ride can range from being secure to protective to bulk to convenient and to cool.

Several items need to be stored differently. Money, camera, maps, water, GPS and rain gear has to be easily accessible. Batteries, medication, camera film requires cool storage places while a bulk storage device is needed for mattress, clothing, bike spares etc. There should also be some space empty and readily available to store on the spur purchases. Motorcycle luggage racks which come in several sizes are one of the options that are useful for hauling your luggage. 

Basically, there are four areas which can be used for storing motorcycle luggage. They are the pillion seat, back of the seat, either side of the bike and on the gas tank. The area on the gas tank and its sides is used to store small packages. Motorcycle tank bags are an ideal luggage option for this area.  There are a number of options for storing behind the pillion seat and its sides. Hard top boxes, roll bags, rucksacks are some of the options here. This section is used to fulfil large storage needs. When it comes to either side of the motorbike, you can opt for hard panniers or soft panniers. Waterproof material is needed if you would be traversing on wet terrain or if you would be riding during wet climates. Before deciding the luggage options, you need to think on what you want to achieve; whether the goal is to pack and unpack quickly, safe storage of valuables, systematic organization of all items etc. 

Availability of luggage accessories locally can be a problem; however with the advent of internet this problem is easily solved. There are several online stores that offer a host of choices in motorcycle luggage racks, motorcycle saddlebags, motorcycle tank bags and any type of hard luggage. Many biking magazines provide the names of these websites. Buy hard luggage online and enjoy the long rides on your motorcycle.